Jennifer Premo-*** or Jealous Sociopath

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I go in right before a really important date to get my hair done.I tell Jennifer Premo I have something really important coming up and want to do my hair and cut just the littlest amount to keep my long hair that takes FOREVER to grow out.

I tell her 1/4 of an inch and she says 1/2 inch. I say "OK, BUT NO MORE THAN THAT!" She says, "Oh, don't worry." End result: She cut FOUR INCHES OFF MY HAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It went from LONG hair (got charged extra for long hair) to SHORT hair. Jennifer Premo is a catty, evil, mean f**** b****!!!

She saw my new Lexus when I pulled up in and looked jealous and asked me what I did for a living - which is NONE of her business. She seemed really jealous when I said "attorney" and then she hacked up my hair. It is not only short but she layered it and it is crooked so now more will have to come off. I said I wanted it rounded and she did the exact OPPOSITE - it is an ugly bob cut.

Stay away from this person. I kept asking her if she were only cutting a little and she said "yes" then when I saw what happened and started to cry, she goes "well, it's done and it's not like I can tape her hair back" with a smile on her face!

Jennifer Premo a hateful ****!There is something seriously WRONG with this evil witch - stay away from this psycho whatever you do!


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I is a sad day when a salon professional behaves that way.Being a professional myself i can understand totally with the client.

No one likes getting their hair screwed up. I would have done the complete opposite.

Give the client a better service and you get compensated well in tips by the client.*** stylist like that gives us good ones a bad image.

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